Attitudes Regarding Online Gambling Legalization

Online GamblingOne may wonder why it has been so difficult for online gambling to be legalized in certain countries, including the United States and in the European Union. While online gambling is legal in some EU member states, there are still those that have not agreed to legalization, or have made it particularly difficult for those operators who wish to offer online gambling in their countries.

There are a number of states in the United States that are working towards legalization and others that have made it clear that they do not want online gambling legalized. While some of these states do not allow land based gambling, there are others that do. For those states that do not offer any form of gambling, it can be understood if there is resistance to online gambling, but for those gambling jurisdictions that allow land based gambling, one does wonder why they will not allow online gambling to be legalized and regulated in their jurisdictions.

In the European Union, for example, it has been made clear by many member states that the reason that they do not wish to open up their online gambling markets is because many EU states have online gambling monopolies, and they do not want to deal with the competition. There have been a number of EU member states that have opened up their markets to foreign online gambling operators, since there has been a lot of pressure from the European Commission for these states to comply with the EU’s free market policy.

In the United States, however, there is much resistance from states such as Kentucky. Not only is Kentucky resistant to opening up the online gambling market, the state has also taken a number of online gambling domains to court, accusing them of illegal operations within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. When one looks at it, however, the real reasons that Kentucky does not wish to open up their market to online gambling is not because the state is concerned over possible underage gambling and possible additional gambling addictions. Kentucky is clearly concerned that its horse racing market will be affected negatively, and those who are in power wish to protect the horse racing industry.

While there are those states that do oppose online gambling because they are concerned that there may be some social problems that could result from it, these states usually do not offer land based gambling either. It is therefore hard to tell whether those jurisdictions that do have other forms of gambling, and refuse to allow online gambling, are doing so in order to protect land based gambling, or for other reasons.

There are of course those countries and states that recognize that the income that can be made from online gambling licensing fees and online gambling taxation, can be used to fund important projects and good causes.

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