Online Casino FAQ


FAQ list the common queries and their solutions that players have while wagering at online casinos. The objective is to provide the information up front at the casino web site so that players find answers without having to contact the customer support services. The links to the FAQ is usually provided in the Contact Us section. Some online casinos also provide the link from the menu bar or the bottom tool bar. In some online casinos the FAQ section is accessible from the Help tab. The FAQ section covers various aspects of casino operations like banking, bonuses, legal and technical functions.

Create a list of about 5 questions that are commonly asked about online casinos and write answers to those questions that are each about (100) words long.

Can I wager with real money at online casinos?

Yes, the purpose of online casinos is to provide real money wagering. But not everyone can engage in this. Real money wagering is understandably restricted to adults. Therefore you have to be of the age of majority. Different online casinos specify different ages ranging from 18 to 21. Also online gambling should be a legally allowed activity in the jurisdiction where you live. The onus of finding whether this is so rests on the player. In addition online casinos usually specify jurisdictions from where they do not accept players. You should also check out if you fall in this list.

Is it safe to deposit funds with credit cards?

It is safe to deposit funds at online casinos using credit cards. Online casinos employ the same security systems that banks and other online merchants do. The credit cards information is stored on the casino’s servers and no casino employee has access to it. All transactions that involve credit cards are encrypted using the latest SSL technology. This implies that if anyone is able to intercept the transmission he will receive a garbled message. The servers of the online casino are protected from hacking by use of firewalls and other devices. Therefore it is much safer to use credit cards at online casinos than in physical over the counter transactions.

What are loyalty points?

Loyalty points are a kind of rebate that online casinos offer to their regular players. For every real money wager placed by the player he will receive a number of loyalty points. The number would depend on the online casino game and also on the player’s wagering level. Once the player accumulates a specified number of loyalty points he can exchange them for casino credits at the announced rates. These credits are then like his funds and can be used for wagering. Some online casinos allow players to buy branded merchandise with loyalty points or buy tickets for lucky draw events.

Can I ask the casino to set limits on my wagering?

Online casinos encourage players to wager in a responsible manner. Therefore most online casinos will allow players to set limits on their wagering. The mechanism would be different for different casinos. But players would be allowed to specify weekly or monthly limits. The software would then track the players wagering and once the limit is reached wagers from the player will not be accepted till the expiry of the period. Online casinos offer a self test that players should take periodically. It will help them assess whether they are gambling in a responsible manner and also if their gambling pattern is changing significantly.

How do I contact the casino in case I require assistance?

If you do not find the answers to you queries in the FAQ you can contact the customer support of the online casino. Most online casinos offer a 24/7 customer support service, which is operated by courteous, efficient and trained personnel. The customer support can be contacted over telephone. Toll free lines are usually available for countries that have a large customer base. Players can also send queries over e-mails, which are generally responded to within 24 hours. The best way to contact customer support is through live chat after logging in at the casino. It is free and elicits responses immediately.