No Deposit Bonuses


The welcome match bonuses have one problem. New players are required to make a deposit before they get a chance to wager at the casino. In order to overcome this problem many online casinos now offer no deposit bonuses to new players. This is done in two ways. In some casinos players are given an amount that they can use for wagering on any games they want. In other casinos players are given free spins worth a specified amount that can be used on specified slots. In both cases players have to make a commitment to wager at the casino if they want to withdraw their winnings.

Details About Bonus

The no deposit bonus is usually a small sum around $10 to $20. As soon as the player signs up and opens a real money account the bonus is credited to his bonus account. Thereafter the player has a specified time frame in which to wager with the bonus. If he manages to win then he can withdraw the winnings. But he may be asked to make a deposit to affirm his commitment to continue wagering at the casino. If he fails to win he gets nothing from this bonus but usually a match bonus is offered as compensation.

In the free spins bonus when the player opens a real money account he is taken to a special casino where he is given a number of free credits. Since he does not have to make a deposit to get the free credits this is referred to as a no deposit bonus. He has to wager these credits on the slots games in that casino within an allotted time. A specified number of wagers have to be made within that time frame. The timer will keep running even if the player gets disconnected. If the player fulfills all the conditions then his performance in the free spins will decide if he ends up with any funds. If his balance is less than the original free credits allotted then he gets nothing. If his balance is more than the original free credits he is allowed to keep a portion of the winnings. However, as in the earlier case, he will have to make a deposit to affirm his commitment to continue wagering at the casino.

The purpose of the no deposit bonus is to check out the casino without paying anything. It does not mean that the player can walk away with the winnings and not be seen there again.

Example of How Bonus Works

Suppose in the free spins bonus the player is offered $500 to wager with and is allowed to take winnings up to $100. If the player’s ending balance is $500 or less he gets nothing. If his balance is between $500 and $600 he retains the excess over $500. If his balance is greater than $600 he retains $100.