Get Real Life Gold Coins With WinPalace Casino

Added: December 24, 2014

Usually when you get promotions in the online casino world, you're going to be gaining bonuses, comp points, free spins, cashback or other items that are only available for your casino account. However, sometimes cool deals come along once in a while that give you a chance to win something real that you can hold in the palms of your hands, and that's exactly what you're going to be able to do between now and New Year's with a really awesome promotions by WinPalace Casino. Check out what this deal has to offer and see if you have what it takes to cash in.

From December 18 through January 1, you can get in on a number of great ways to get value. If you play for a seven-day stretch, you'll be able to go for real gold coins depending on what you deposit. Deposit at least $150 on your first week for a 1/10 oz US Eagle, or make it $300+ for 1/4 oz. You'll get 1/2 oz for a deposit of $550 or more, but making it $1,100 and up will earn you a Liberty Eagle coin.

The second week gives you a chance to earn bigger values. Deposit $125 or more on the second week to make that a 1/4 oz US Eagle, or bump it up to $250+ for a 1/2 oz US Eagle instead. A Liberty Eagle will be yours for a second week deposit of $500 and above, and deposits of $1,000 and up will earn you a 1 oz US Eagle. The weeks are determined by your own play, so if you play for any seven-day period during the promotional period, that counts as your first week, and the next seven days will count as your second week. This gives you a ton of flexibility.

WinPalace Casino has really outdone themselves for this promotion. This is one of the most unique deals that we have seen anywhere, and it's an excellent way to end 2014 and give you something to really shoot for as you move into the new year. WinPalace Casino has tons of promotions to choose from, and with over 120 games available, it's clear to see that they're including everyone in the festivities. No matter how you choose to play, you're always welcome to play with WinPalace Casino, so make sure that you get in on the action with this gold coin opportunity.

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