Loyalty Rewards Bonuses

Loyalty Rewards Bonuses


Loyalty bonuses are like quantity discounts offered to large purchasers. Players who wager large amounts are given special benefits by the online casino to recognize their loyalty and to encourage other players to wager more at that casino. Usually loyalty bonuses are match bonuses with attractive terms. Players need to make a deposit to avail of these bonuses. Some online casino offer cash back bonuses to loyal players. In this bonus players are compensated a percent of the losses incurred by them over a specified period.

In addition to bonuses, online casinos offer loyalty points to players for every dollar wagered. The number of loyalty points may depend on the player’s loyalty status and the game wagered on. These loyalty points can be accumulated and ultimately redeemed for casino credits. These credits can be used for wagering. Other benefits offered to loyal players include special customer support, priority withdrawals and larger deposit and wagering limits.

Details About Bonus

Almost all online casinos have a VIP club in which members are graded into different levels based on how much they have wagered in a specified previous period. The players in the lowest level are offered minimal benefits, whereas those in the highest levels are offered significant benefits. As players increase their wagering they will rise up the VIP levels, but if they wager less they would be demoted to a lower level.

One of the benefits are match loyalty bonuses. These operate like any match bonuses, but become more attractive at higher VIP levels. For example a loyalty bonus at a lower level may be 20% of the deposit but at the highest level it may be 60% of the deposit. Other ways that match loyalty bonuses are made attractive at higher levels are increasing the upper limits or reducing the wagering requirements. Also more bonuses may be offered at higher levels.

The cash back bonus is a loyalty bonus that is usually offered at higher VIP levels only. It is a rebate on the losses incurred by the player. The net losses, which is total losses less total wins is considered and a percentage of this loss refunded to the player as a bonus. There would be conditions like a qualifying loss amount and a cap on the cash back bonus. Also wagering requirements would apply.

All casinos have a loyalty points system, which though not strictly a bonus, is a benefit to loyal players. For each wager placed the player is given a certain number of loyalty points. Players in higher VIP levels are given more loyalty points. Also more loyalty points are given in games like slots that have a higher house edge. After the player has accumulated the required number of loyalty points he can exchange these for casino credits, which can be used for wagering.

Example of How Bonus Works

Match loyalty bonuses work like any other match bonuses. The cash back bonus also works in a similar fashion. The loyalty points system works as follows. At a particular VIP level a payer may get 30 loyalty points for wagering $10 on slots games and 10 loyalty points on blackjack games. When the player has accumulated 2,000 loyalty points he can redeem them for $2.