Live Dealer Blackjack Versions

Live Dealer BlackjackApart from the various different variations of blackjack that can be found both in live dealer blackjack and in regular blackjack that players can choose to play, there are other options when it comes to online live dealer blackjack. The options that players may often choose from are public blackjack games and personal dealer blackjack games.

In personal dealer blackjack, players play online blackjack with a live dealer in much the same way as it is played in land based casinos. There are limits as to how many players can play at each of the personal dealer blackjack live dealer online blackjack games. Usually, this limit is set to seven players, just as it is in most land based casinos, however, the online casino may well stop accepting players for a game that already has six players so that the game can begin and not keep the other players waiting. When the live dealers are particularly busy, it is more likely that the games will have seven players in a game.

Players are each dealt a hand in personal dealer blackjack and wagers are placed as they are placed in blackjack games in land based casinos and in regular online blackjack. The game itself will be played according to the rules of the blackjack variation that is being played at the table. Each player has a turn to place their wagers and after this has been done, the next player takes his/her turn to place their blackjack wagers.

Public blackjack games is a version of live dealer blackjack that is played slightly differently from personal dealer blackjack, although both the games have live dealers dealing the cards and interacting with the players.

In public blackjack games, there are normally three hands that are dealt. Players may place their wagers on any one, or on two, or even on all three of the blackjack hands that have been dealt if they wish to do so. Players all place their wagers at the same time and all hands are bet on at the same time.

While there is a live dealer, the hands that are dealt are communal blackjack hands. The blackjack hands are played by the live dealer, who follows the rules of the specific game being played. The dealer will do any doubling, splitting or any other actions that should be done on the hand according to pre-defined blackjack rules. The rules follow the strategy that is considered the best for the blackjack game being played.

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