Introduction To Craps

Craps evolved from a dice game called Hazard that was popular in England in the 17th century. In France this game came to be known as Crabs. In America the name was changed to Craps. The game in its modern format evolved in America. John Winn is the man who brought in the changes. At that time some casinos used crooked dice that favored the casino. Winn introduced betting against the shooter, which made the use of crooked dice redundant. Craps can be an intimidating game in land casinos. Online craps enables players to learn and play the game in a comfortable environment.

How To Play Craps

Craps is played with two dice. The total of the numbers on the two dice is the number rolled. Players can wager on different numbers, different groups of numbers or even the manner in which some numbers are formed. The areas for the different types of wagers are marked out on the layout. Each bet has a different payout based on the probability of the outcome. Once the player places the wagers the dice are rolled. The winning bets are paid out.

Not all bets are paid out in each roll. Some bets, like the Pass Line and the Come, bets are decided over a number of rolls. Since these are the most attractive bets, it is important to understand them. The Pass Line bet operates as follows. It is placed before the first roll of a new session, which is known as the come out roll. If the number rolled is 7 or 11 then the Pass Line bet immediately wins. If the number rolled is 2, 3 or 12 then the Pass Line bet immediately loses. If any other number is rolled then that number becomes the point. The dice are continuously rolled till either the point is repeated or a 7 is rolled. If the point is repeated first then the Pass Line bet wins, but if the 7 is rolled first then the Pass Line bet loses. The Don’t Pass bet functions in the reverse manner. The Come bet is similar to the Pass Line bet.

Proposition bets are placed at the center of the layout. The Hardways bets require 4, 6, 8 or 10 to be rolled as doubles before it is rolled in any other way or before a 7 is rolled. The Field bet, the Place bet, the Buy bet and the Lay bet are other popular bets in Craps.

Craps Strategy

The house edges for the bets in Craps range from 1.4% to over 16%. It is advisable to wager on those bets that have house edge of less than about 5%. The bet with the lowest house edge is the Pass Line bet has a house edge of 1.4%. The 6 or 8 Place bets have a house edge of 1.5%. These are the most favored bets. The 5 or 9 Place bets have a house edge of 4.00%. The Field bet has a house edge of 5.5%. These bets can be wagered on but with restraint. All bets having higher house edges should be avoided.

The Free Odds bet is used in conjunction with the Pass Line bet and reduces the house edge further. Once a point is established, the Free Odds bet allows players to enhance the Pass line bet by an amount equal to the original wager. The payout for the enhanced wager is without any house edge. The house edge for the combined Pass Line Bet thus can fall to as low as 0.8%. Some casinos allow the Free Odds bet to be up to twice the original wager. This can reduce the house edge on the combined bet to 0.6%.