Craps Arrives in America

Craps Arrives in AmericNot only is the origin of the game of craps unclear, there is also a question about how the popular craps dice game found its way to America, Although there are disagreements as to how the game arrived in America, there seem to be two main opinions, and it is likely that at least one, or even both, of these theories is correct.

It seems that the game of craps came to America either with the British or with the French. Whether the game was carried to America by the British or by the French, it seems certain that the modern day craps game that is played is a simpler version of the one that arrived in America.

When the British came to America, the French settlers were displaced, and moved to Louisiana in the south. It is likely that these French settlers took the game of hazard with them when they moved to Louisiana.

In Louisiana, the game was enjoyed by African Americans, and it is theorized that the modern day craps we play today was developed by the African Americans in the 19th century. This may not be documented, however, few disagree with this theory.

The game spread across America on riverboats that went up the Mississippi River. The dice maker, John H. Winn, traveled through the country, and he has been credited with developing the game of craps even further. Winn changed the way that craps betting worked in that players were now allowed to bet either against or with the craps shooter. This development was particularly useful as it reduced the amount of cheating that had taken place by those who used weighted dice. Winn is the craps player who first began to develop the layout of the craps table that is used in modern day land based casinos and online casinos to this day.

Although the origins of craps may be unclear, and how craps arrived in America may be disputed, the game has become one of the most popular casino games around the world. The game has been portrayed in a number of Hollywood movies, making it even more popular with casino players.

Once slots were introduced at casinos, however, craps lost some of its popularity. Some players also felt somewhat intimidated around the craps tables, that always seem to hold an heir of exclusivity and mystery. Craps has begun to regain some of its earlier popularity at online casinos, where players need not feel intimidated at all since they can play in the comfort of their own homes on their computer screens, and do not need to deal with the other craps players in person.

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