Expert Play With Hard Hands in Spanish 21

Added: November 25, 2014

Of all of the online blackjack games that you can play, Spanish 21 is probably the most complicated. Strategy in this game is so in-depth because the Spanish deck of 48 cards (there are no 10s) gives a bit of an advantage to the dealer which is then returned to the player in the form of a number of different atypical strategic options. This includes the double double down rule which allows you to double, surrender or stand after doubling among several other rules that you hardly ever see in other forms of the game.

Play with hard hands on your first two cards can be exceptionally difficult because of these rules. For example, if you have a hard total of seven or lower, you should be doubling against a six and hitting otherwise. Most people never think about doubling with hands this low, but you actually have to do it in Spanish 21. With a hard eight, you're going to double against a five or six, and with a hard nine, you're always going to double if you're up against a three, four, five or six.

Play with a hard total of ten is also atypical in that you'll need to double against an eight or lower and actually just hit against a nine, ten or ace. To make that even more interesting, you're going to double an 11 against anything that you face as long as you only have two cards. If you have three or more cards, however, then you'll hit against a ten or an ace. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into knowing how to play with these hands.

A hard 12 always hits no matter what you're up against, and a hard 13 always hits unless you're up against a six. You'll hit against a six if you have a 6-7 combination because of the chances of getting an 8 and hitting a bonus payout, and you'll also hit against a six if you have four cards or more. The complications don't end there because you have to take the bonus payouts and number of cards you have into consideration when playing higher hard hands as well. As far as surrendering goes, only surrender in this game when you're facing an ace with a hard 16 or 17. Do not surrender a hard 16 against a ten.

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