CryptoLogic's High Noon Slot Review

Added: November 18, 2014

There are a lot of games out there in the online slots world that don't get as much action because they are perceived as no longer being fashionable. This is a real shame because many players would become big fans of these games if they would give them a shot, and the High Noon slot by CryptoLogic is a great example of this concept at work. This is a high-volatility classic slot that offers a great deal of value and a fun shootout concept that ties into the actual gameplay in a way that's still impressive even though this game has been out for a while.

On the most fundamental level, High Noon is a wild west-themed classic slot with three reels and a single payline. The action is heavy, and the coin size in this game is $1.00 though you're allowed to bet one or two coins per spin. Because this is a high-volatility game, you'll want to have a deeper bankroll than usual and play longer sessions with this particular title. You're looking at shots at a good jackpot along with plenty of other fun payouts that can very quickly shoot you into winning session territory.

The sheriff badge is the highest-paying symbol in this game, and three of it on the activated payline will give you the top payout of 3,000x. The wild symbol in this game is the bullet, and it shows up on the third reel only to make it easier to hit winning combinations. If you win with the bullet, then you'll be taken into the shoot out bonus feature. This is essentially a forced double or nothing scenario. You have to choose between the hero Deputy Dan or the villain Bulldog McBain, and if the winner of the shoot out is who you choose, then your win is doubled. Otherwise, you lose your win.

This is a very atypical approach to a bonus feature, and that's one of the reasons why it's so interesting of a game. While this will appeal to a lot of players, some people will not like the fact that they can be forced into a double or nothing situation. For that reason, we suggest that you test this game out knowing that the bonus feature can happen ahead of time knowing that your win could be up for grabs in a wild west shoot out.

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