Caribbean Draw Poker Strategy Tips for Recreational Players

Added: December 23, 2014

Caribbean Draw Poker is one of the trickiest forms of casino poker to play. Because the dealer requires a relatively high hand to qualify (a pair of eights or better), you're going to run into a lot of situations where the dealer doesn't qualify and you just win a profit on your ante and have your raise given back to you as a push. However, because the raise is twice the size of the ante, that doesn't mean that you can just go crazy with raising hoping to rely on the dealer not making a hand.

The key to this game is that you have to play strategies that are similar to those of video poker with certain adjustments, and you also have to take into account the fact that you can see one of the dealer's cards. Not only does this affect the hands the dealer can make, but it also affects your ability to complete draws in certain situations. In short, you have a lot more information and variables to work with than in video poker games which makes Caribbean Draw Poker particularly difficult when compared to other titles.

Generally speaking, small pairs are your starting point for learning strategy. You always want to make the best draw if possible if you decide to play, and pairs from 22 through 88 are important because they are weaker than three to a royal or three consecutive cards to a straight flush. The pair 99, however, is better than both of these draws, though it's weaker than four cards to an open-ended straight draw. Pairs of jacks or ten beat the straight draws, but they aren't as good as four to a flush, and this is especially true when you have one or two high cards in your hand.

At the top end of the scale, the most difficult drawing hand you'll have to contend with is when you have pairs of AA, KK or QQ. These hands are better than a flush but not as good as a straight flush. Along similar lines, you won't ever break up a made straight or flush to draw to any type of hand except for exactly KQJT all of the same suit. Overall, if you follow these drawing strategies, then you'll be able to blow through some of the more difficult drawing scenarios that you'll run into in this game.

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